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Guangzhou Rice Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

About Us:

Hong Kong Rice Technology Co., Ltd. (Mrice) is a High-tech company, was founded in 2011, is headquartered in Hong Kong, the factory is located in Shenzhen, branch office in Guangzhou, main swimming bluetooth headset, anti-winding headphones, headset bluetooth, ear headphones, ear headphones, wired headphones, headset headset, outdoor Bluetooth speakers, Outdoor Bluetooth stereo, night run lights, Chocolate mobile power supply, headphones waterproof, etc., as a technology research and development, design, sales of integrated, modern High-tech enterprises, Mrice established at the beginning of the establishment of the development of independent brands to develop strategies, adhere to high-quality products, sound integrity of the operation as a fundamental, Through the continuous investment in brand building, the recruitment of world-class designers to join, won the vast number of consumers and partners trust, brand awareness, reputation and constantly improve.
Mrice series of products by the experienced Design Master carefully built, emphasizing the practical new doctrine, appearance, simple fashion, classic elegant trend of style to highlight the era of individuality, to create a sense of beating passion; the balance between flexibility and ease of use and performance innovation highlights the humanized design.
"Change is chance" (changes are opportunities) is the belief of rice people, persistent innovation and thinking, "rice" meaning regardless of rich and poor, everyone has rice-health, fashion everyone can have.
Looking to the future, Mrice will build its own brand, strengthen independent innovation as the main task, focus on creating product diversification, market globalization with global competitiveness of the world's first-class mobile interconnection brand enterprises.
To world-class standards of their own, with the quality of apple and millet prices back to the vast number of fans, is the motto of the people of Rice.


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