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                              Mrice Rice Technology

Company Profile

       Mrice was established in Hong Kong in 2011 and is headquartered in Hong Kong, the mainland operations headquarters and factories in Shenzhen, the design company is located in Shenzhen and Beijing, branch located in Guangzhou (Guangzhou Rice Digital Technology Co., Ltd.). is a design, research and development, production, sales of fashionable and healthy mobile Internet products based High-tech companies, products are mainly intelligent audio, series headphones, health sports, fashion products, such as the main theme, the product is exported to South America, North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, Britain, India, South Africa and many other regions and countries, as well as more than 20 provinces , district more than 100 large and medium-sized cities, its excellent product performance and reliable quality has won the trust and support of consumers at home and abroad.

        As a set of technical design, research and development, production and sales of integrated, modern High-tech enterprises, Mrice was established at the beginning of the position asPersonality, sports, health, fashion, taste, adhere to the independent design and research and development, to high-quality product quality, personalized aesthetic appearance, carefully selected raw materials, sound integrity of the business philosophy for the purpose, and access to world-class designers and Olympic champion of the favor and join, sponsorship of too many film and television works variety shows, sports events.Now theImage spokesperson and chief Experience officer and co-founder are Olympic champion Shang.

Mrice series of products by the world's top design masters carefully built, emphasizing the practical new doctrine, the appearance, simple fashion, classic elegant trend of style to highlight the era of personality, functional, flexible and easy to use and the perfect balance of performance innovation highlights the humanized design. Mrice fully take into account the simplicity and functional unity, taste and personality combination, to create a sense of beating passion, taste in the new realm of creativity, by the user as the spokesperson of High-quality products. Product design for many times "German If design awards”、“German Red Dot AwardWait。 Mrice trademark Global registration, and has hundreds of patents, won the vast number of consumers and partners Trust, reputation continues to improve.

      Since its inception, Mrice series products have always been a unique forward-looking and innovative professional vision, for different groups of users to provide a higher application needs, more solutions, is committed to in each of the technology upgrades and product innovation constantly for users to create more value and enjoyment.

Brand concept

     "Rice"--energy. Rice, as the most important food crop, is the greatest contribution of China to the world in the 20th century, the food that plays the most important role in the life of the Chinese in the 21st century, and the Material foundation of 21st century China and even the world.Mrice by this name, aims to become the future of human technology development of energy, become people's scientific and technological life indispensable important food.Mrice will fashion, science and technology elements and simple, plain rice fusion, through rational and perceptual collision and blending, so that "regardless of rich and poor, everyone has rice!" "Brand Spirit constantly penetrate the market, deeply rooted. "Rice" meaning no matter rich or poor, everyone has rice, that is, health, fashion everyone can have.

The mission of the Rice Man

      Mrice Rice has always been committed to become the world's leading mobile internet enterprises and endless struggle.

Looking to the future, Mrice will build its own brand, strengthen independent innovation as the goal, focus on creating product diversification, market globalization, with global competitiveness of national brands.

      Change is chance-changes are opportunities, this is the belief of the people of Rice.

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