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e300a Cable ear Headset wire control
Two color options: Black/White

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e300a CableIn-ear headphonesWire control

Two color options: Black/White

Neodymium Iron Boron high fidelity unit

Neodymium-iron-boron magnets are 10 times times more magnetic than ordinary magnets. is currently the world's most powerful magnetic permanent magnet, high-end headset essential units, conducive to shaping the full frequency of the pronunciation of clear, accurate presentation of music details and dynamic, high vibration, fast return, the overall quality of the hearing, this is difficult to achieve the ordinary magnets.

Aerospace grade 5μ Titanium Composite Film

5μ ultra-thin 1mm=1000, ultra-thin vibration Film can present the dynamic of music changes, the crisp vibration of tension and elasticity, your music is no longer a straight line.

Anti-tearing bearing force strengthened 30%

20-beam copper wire design, is twice times the traditional headset, high conductivity, anti-rip, full angle winding, twisting the resilience index is twice times the average headset.

Light weight and comfort coexist

A large number of lightweight materials, so that the part of the weight of earplugs reduced to only 4g, lighter than ordinary headphones about 40%, do not underestimate this 40% weight, it can make you wear a long time to experience more comfortable.

3 Kinds of size silicone ear cover

Can effectively isolate the noise, design the fit, protect the super Bass effect.

Built-in high-definition microphone

The hidden microphone uses the whole point, the frequency range can reach the 20-20000hz, the sensitivity achieves the -42db high-performance chip, causes the voice call to be more unobstructed, clearer.