Bell Line Control

e100a cable bell, wire control and winding headphones
Two color options: White/Black

Product Details

e100a Wired bell, wire controlAnti-winding Headphones

Two color options: White/Black

Small body, big voice.

Although the shape is small, e100a can emit surging red and bright voice, no matter where, can enjoy the crisp and translucent treble and deep and vigorous bass.

Anti-winding triangular red line

15,000 times tensile test

30,000 times back and forth 90 degrees of bending test

15,000 times continuous 60s tensile load

3,000 times up bundle load test

e100a Headphone line using new materials, both high elasticity of rubber and plastic processing, high strength and resilience, so that the headset line become obedient, adhere, wrap away from the ugly clip, Chang listen to good music.

Line Control Wireless Communication

Intelligent compatible Line control function, you can hang up the phone, but also control the volume size and the top/next function.

3.5mm Audio Cable

The 3.5mm audio cable is suitable for a wide range of socket devices.

6N copper wire above 20 cores

20-beam copper wire design, high conductivity, anti-tearing, full angle folding, excellent distortion recovery ability.

Built-in high-definition microphone

The hidden microphone uses the whole point, the frequency range can reach the 20-20000hz, the sensitivity achieves the -42db high-performance chip, causes the voice call to be more unobstructed, clearer.

Lightweight design

e100a a large number of lightweight materials, weight reduced to 4G, wear for a long time will not produce discomfort.