Capsule Headset

E300 Wired Ear Headset
Two color options: Black/White

Product Details

E300 CableIn-ear headphones

Two color options: Black/White

Light weight and comfort coexist

E300 a large number of lightweight materials, so that the weight of headphones to reduce to 4G, than ordinary headphones light about 40%, wear for a long time will not produce discomfort.

E300 HiFi in ear noise-reducing headphones

Non-destructive quality bass

Anti-winding/lightweight non-pressing ear

15,000 times tensile test

Triangle Red Line anti-winding/RIP

E300 Headphone line using new materials, both high elasticity of rubber and injection molding processing, high-strength high resilience, so that headphones become obedient, adhere, wrap away from the ugly clip, Chang listen to good music.

15,000 times tensile test

30,000 times back and forth 90 degrees of bending test

15,000 times continuous 60s tensile load

3,000 times up bundle load test

Although fine Tanjiang resistant to pull

Large black copper clad aluminum sound coil line

Further safeguarding the sound quality, with a higher sensitivity and a wide frequency response, so that the low-frequency deep elasticity, if accurate and contains feelings, high-frequency crisp and simply, to achieve uniform open, structured auditory enjoyment.