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We will provide you with generous treatment for the Internet:

Reasonable salary system: make the greatest contribution to the greatest reward;

Standardize the sound welfare system: for employees to handle various insurance and protection;

Systematic learning opportunities: provide a wide range of training and learning opportunities for employees;

Adequate leave system: Double break, enjoy the national statutory holidays and annual leave, marriage, maternity leave and other holidays;

Active Corporate Culture: Flexible work, the company regularly organizes group play activities, staff parties, Parties and other activities.

Rice technology look forward to your joining, please send your resume


Overseas Sales Manager 


Job Responsibilities

1, the United States or Southeast Asia, Europe market development, familiar with the regional market line and offline channels and operations, independent expansion channels, to achieve sales targets;

2, to manage the idea of establishing a national market overall sales system, self-financing.


• Bachelor degree or above;

English level 4 or above, fluent in English business communication skills;

• More than 3 years experience in overseas sales channels for headphones or digital products;

• Have a strong business autonomy, with the sales target traction, independent development channels, the ability to achieve sales goals.


Offline Business Manager


Job Responsibilities

1, responsible for offline channels and online small platform customer development, independent development and management channels, to achieve sales goals;

2, has the channel market expansion strategy planning ability, may be aimed at the regional market independent optimization cooperation mode;

2. Organize and implement store activities and be responsible for the results;

3, store display optimization, the promotion of language and incentive standards for the formulation and implementation;



• Bachelor degree or above in regular university or abroad;

3 years working experience in headphones or digital products, online business account Manager's resume is preferred;

• Strong achievement orientation, interpersonal understanding, Team System and communication skills.


Operations Manager 


Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for the daily maintenance and operation management of the company's shop in the electric business platform;

2, according to the company's strategic objectives, the development of electric business platform overall business plan;

3, familiar with the operating rules and operating procedures of the electric business platform, familiar with the platform operation model and cooperation details;

4, responsible for the company's online products in the cat other pop platform to promote, improve online shop clicks and browse volume, to complete the company's sales target;

5, the analysis of consumer shopping habits and shopping psychology, is responsible for shop products selling point mining, and in conjunction with the development of the corresponding business plan and the deployment of related resources to implement the store;

6, focus on the store and product data, data analysis, and according to the data for business adjustment and optimization;

7, understand the electric business operation mode, has the data analysis statistic ability, is good at the communication, the attention detail, the execution ability is strong;

8, has the commercial experience, understands the basic commercial logic, has the unique opinion to the electronic Commerce domain product service;

9, continuously improve the Third-party platform operation and management, and steadily improve sales performance, enhance the company's brand awareness;

10, research competitors and industry-related data, according to market changes to develop a corresponding product business plan.



• College degree or above, operating cat, Beijing-east pop platform shop, more than two years work experience, familiar with the platform of various rules, proficiency in the use of various platform tools, such as data analysis;

• Familiar with the domestic electrical business environment, the electrical business processes such as operation, promotion, order and logistics have considerable experience in the actual combat, have a successful case is preferred;

• Familiar with online shop decoration, page optimization, keyword optimization skills;

• Love of E-commerce, a strong sense of customer service, with the ability to deal with incidents;

• Patient and meticulous work, strong ego drive and excellent teamwork spirit.


Electrical Business Activities Planning

Job Responsibilities

1, responsible for product activities promotion planning, electric business promotion activities planning, daily copy writing;

2, responsible for the electrical business product planning, writing product research and new products development program;

3, responsible for the preparation of electrical business promotion program, online activities planning, promotional activities, such as planning;

4, writing special topics and a variety of promotional methods, mining products highlight selling points and so on to improve the conversion rate;

5, is responsible for the regular collation and analysis, the same industry of electric business activities, competition goods sales.



• Have good market understanding ability, excellent strategic thinking and good program writing ability, copywriting good foundation;

• Familiar with all kinds of internet media, electric business platform environment, on the day cat, Beijing-east platform has a deeper understanding;

• Innovative, clear and comprehensive system with good communication skills;

• Strong work initiative and internal coordination to promote the ability to learn new things. Strong sense of responsibility, affinity, good communication, implementation ability team spirit.