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Shell speaker

M100 Shell Shell
Four color options: Silver/Gray/Black/red

Product Details

M100 Shell Shell

Four color options: Red/gray/white/Black

humanized interface Design

On the pretext of the rear base, the distribution is reasonable, easy to use, good concealment, practical and consistent with the product's minimalist style

Perfect support for all audio devices

Bluetooth 3.0 Smart Connection

Perfect support for Bluetooth smart connection, while also supporting the 3.5MM excuse for Universal Audio connection

Exquisite Radium Carving

The use of laser engraving technology, exquisite high-grade, clear words, never wear, showing the brand to the quality of high-end atmosphere of the pursuit of high-grade

Intelligent touch control and easy realization of human-computer interaction

Touch Volume Control

Multi-function One-key switch, convenient and easy to realize the user-friendly and friendly human-machine interaction

humanized interface Design

In the rear socket, arranged orderly, easy to use, hidden perfect, practical and beautiful, completely in line with the minimalist style of fashion

Built-in microphone free of wired shackles

M100 through Bluetooth 4.0 wireless connection, easy to realize wireless listening to music, telephone

Smart Lights

Intelligent Breathing lamp Perfect induction function switch, foil music atmosphere, let the music more understand art

BA Decorative round Hole

Spray bright silver paint decorative hole, texture delicate, shiny full soft, etching process, highlighting the elegant quality, highlighting the art of decoration

Wireless Bluetooth speaker computer Phone Smart Device

12-hour playback of high-fidelity sound effects 360° surround sound Bluetooth call

Seiko Iron Net

3p Metal wire Mesh, Seiko build, texture clear and exquisite, feel smooth without roughness, strong hardness, high pressure, thickness moderate, strong texture, symmetrical round hole symmetry, frequency clear dynamic

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