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Do you know the proper way to use headphones in ear?
- 2017-11-24-

You knowIn-ear headphonesThe correct use of the method? Below, a small grain of rice and everyone chat about its correct use of the method.

For best results, insert before wetting the third section of the condom.

Grasp the proper part of the headset with your right hand.

Use the left hand to pull up the corresponding auricle to straighten the ear canal. Carefully insert the appropriate headphones and take a closer look at the comfort.

Repeat the above action to insert another headset slowly rotating the headset to remove the headphones and slowly open the sealed environment.

Sponge Sleeve

When inserting, make sure the sponge sleeve has a shiny face to the tympanic membrane.

Rub/pinch with one finger before inserting to compress the sponge.

With the other hand, pull the auricle over the back until the ear canal is straightened.

Carefully insert the sponge sleeve into the ear canal, insert and continue to hold the headset until the sponge fully inflated open, closed the ear canal. [1]

Correct habits

Set the volume of the sound source to the minimum.

Insert the 3.5mm plug of the ear-type headset into the headphone jack.

Adjust the volume to a location that sounds comfortable. It is not recommended to use ear-like headphones when driving motorcycles, bicycles, operating machines and jogging because you may be able to influence your judgment on potential hazards.

Do not turn up the volume too much (see also: in-ear headphones and Health section)

Do not pull the headset out of the socket or ear by pulling the wire. (Translator note: From the front is to unplug the headphone plug should pinch the back end of the hard plastic package part gently pull out, rather than directly through the wire pull out)

Avoid excessive bending of wires over long periods of time.

Through the above explanation, I believe that everyoneIn-ear headphonesThe correct use of the method has a deeper understanding. If interested in this, rice welcome customers to come to the consultation and purchase!

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