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Wake up the rhythm of the heart the first Test of the bell-wound earphone capsule
- 2017-11-24-

In the audition we found the capsuleAnti-winding HeadphonesMedium-Low frequency performance is outstanding, especially its bass is very good, so we specifically to its bass test. Track choice of rap music, choose Eminem's "Recovery" album, track format for WAV.

Album Introduction:

This is Eminem's most emotionally intense hip-hop album ever! The "relapse" sequel plan to throw aside not afraid, with the new Creation album "Recovery" recovery. For 10 years, Eminem has turned from a Detroit street Ruffian to a global superstar, his appearance has turned hip-hop into the most popular music genre in the mainstream record market, and Eminem is the best-selling album artist in the U.S. record market over the past 10 years, and his albums have sold more than 80 million copies worldwide, In addition to the long red in the commercial market, Eminem's record in the Grammy Award is also very dazzling, the cumulative 26 nominations, Yong won 11 awards ...

eminem-"Recovery" (photo from album cover)

Record company:Interscope
Release time:June 18, 2010
Music format:Wav

Try to hear the feeling:

It is undeniable that the requirement for bass performance in modern music is very important, because the bass is directly related to the roots and contours of contemporary music-rhythm and the bass melody of the playing. The bass performance of capsule earplugs is indeed excellent, its bass strength is full, and thanks to the abundant sense of support, each sound is shocking, very can drive people's mood. Earplugs if also solid full, warm voice very dynamic, for rock and rap This kind of bass-oriented music interpretation is very in place, to meet the needs of many bass control.

Wearing effect of capsule earplugs

Written at the end:

AsBerthaThe second brand of earplugs, capsules still have their own unique creativity, the personality of the capsule cavity to give a refreshing feeling, at the same time, this ear still with the original bell tower unique personality and very practical triangular wire, is the young people to listen to a good choice. Voice, capsule earplugs no longer take a small fresh route, but a new attunement style, it fits the mainstream people's listening preferences, sound thick bass excellent, interpretation of contemporary music is very appropriate. Have to say, it is a bad and lovely, can awaken the rhythm of the spirit of poison capsules.

Wearing effect of capsule earplugs

Advantages:Personality of the capsule shape appearance, creative anti-twisted triangular wire, strong and vigorous voice

Disadvantages:High frequency extensibility slightly deficient

Applicable crowd:A popular music enthusiast with a focus on performance
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