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Mrice Rice Sports bluetooth Headset New listing, this is not only a conference
- 2017-11-24-

March 9, a mrice of rice company Innovative S3Sports bluetooth HeadsetBrand celebration in Beijing Chunhui Garden Spa Resort Grand. The theme of the conference is to explore new ideas for future headset development, it is understood that the heavyweight gold microphone host, Olympic champion Shang and 20 Super Experience Regiment athletes attended the conference, with 55 TV network media, 88 national distributors, including hundreds of heavyweight guests gathered together to witness the movement of rice, swimming class, Air anti-winding full range of products conference ceremony.

Rice teeth bluetooth headset.

press conference, Rice several major partners in the wisdom of the collision, the protagonist of Rice (mrice) S3 Swimming-level sports Bluetooth headset is very eye-catching, and the top waterproof/bluetooth headset/music player Trinity attracted the entire audience, the champion athlete 邢傲 Wei hands-on experience on its powerful features praise.

Rice teeth bluetooth headset.

In today's sports Bluetooth headset market, the high price of foreign headphones to make people "can only be far view", while the domestic market is shoddy, fish mixed, High-tech-led, the actual function is not flattering. Mrice is determined to break the market status quo, will indulge in sports, indulge the brand concept of the end.

Rice teeth bluetooth headset.

As the rapid rise of the headset industry in China brand, mrice the release of the S3 swimming-grade bluetooth headset Bluetooth parameters released a staggering, mode of call/music playback time of 13 hours, host mode music playback time of 6 hours, standby time for a long 60 hours, charging time only 2 hours, waterproof grade IPX8, All-weather regardless of the sea or other environment, can successfully fill the natural barrier, for users to bring unprecedented audio-visual feeling, let the music in the water free breathing, let the movement become more relaxed and carefree.

The main purpose of this Conference is to upgrade the brand strategy of rice, the future of rice will be targeted at the 8 Guardian channel TV ads, the implementation of the network, the ground omni-directional advertising strategic layout, comprehensively enhance the high-end image of rice and brand value. At present, Rice for some regional agency release contract, but also to create a swimming-level bluetooth headset underwater hockey game, sports-type Bluetooth headset triathlon games and other surprises. The precise strategic planning and future marketing Mrice announced by the press conference have undoubtedly brought great value and far-reaching influence to the brand. Since the sound of their own voice, headphones have become more and more versatile. Today, MriceS3 again to do the industry's new upgrade, so that music in the movement of dance, let the mood in freedom Ethereal!