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Innovative anti-twisted triangular wire bell tower bell anti-wound headset first Test
- 2017-11-24-

BellAnti-winding HeadphonesIt is clearly a tune that adapts to contemporary music listening, but it does not use the thick timbre of the current majority of earplugs in the middle and low frequencies. The sound of the bell earplugs tends to be more balanced, its sound clean and refreshing, it is more accurate, of course, this is not in-ear earplugs often have the usual sound style. But the sound of ear-plugs is very resistant to hearing, and it is naturally difficult to fatigue.

Bell Bell earplugs

The bass aspect of the bell earplugs cannot be said to be a measure of success, but its sense of quantity is just right. The bass of earplugs pay more attention to texture, its bass elasticity is excellent, have a certain latent ability, at the same time guarantee outstanding clarity, completely do not have the kind of cloudy feeling in the ear type, the sound is very refreshing clean.

Bell Bell earplugs

The sound of earplugs in the intermediate frequency is its excellent part, it's if part of the delicate and soft, although the density of the general but the position of the front, in the listening to modern pop songs completely without teeth, is to grasp the more appropriate. The high frequency of this ear is relative to the general ear of the ears of the more beautiful, its extension is excellent, although not too smooth, in the highest position slightly a little rough feeling, not so mellow, but this is very good to ensure that it has a certain granular.

Bell tower Bell earplugs wear effect

The three-frequency connection of earplugs is not too close, but to ensure a certain level of sense but too much separation, which also achieved a good sense of hearing. Due to the open non-ear design, its sound field is also relatively faster than the general ear-type earplugs, in listening to light music and small classical music can be a certain degree of competence.

Bell tower Bell earplugs wear effect

Written at the end:

Bell E100 Bell Earplugs is Bertha in the Chinese market for the release of earplugs products, inspired by the legend of Santa Claus, the use of the design of the bell, the overall full of fashion avantgarde and warm style, bell earplugs in the advent of Christmas is also very appropriate. This kind of earphone unique triangle wire is its biggest bright spot, it not only appears the individuality, at the same time also very good prevents the winding knot, gives everybody to carry the admission to bring the convenience, and the durability also is worth affirming. The three-frequency balance of the sound of the bell earplugs, the sound is clear and natural, can adapt to various types of music listening. I have to say, it is a very good cost-effective consumer-grade earplugs!

Advantages: Mellow and honest bell shape, unique winding triangle wire, sound balanced and clear

Disadvantage: Low volume sense slightly more general

Apply to the crowd: like a unique personality and pay attention to the quality of young users

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