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In-ear headphones appear domestic products, international authoritative Special recommendation capsule E300
- 2017-11-24-

When all the people in the country to focus on the Beijing East 618 headset price war, in the U.S. market has sparked a burst of Chinese brand trend. And the unexpected is, unexpectedly appeared one night selling empty, a goods difficult to seek sales pomp. The Chinese brand is the Hong Kong Rice (Mrice), which won the German red Dot, if award. Snapping up products mainly for Rice's bell tower headset series Bell E100 and capsule E300, etc.In-ear headphones

When I learned this information, I was heartened by the national complex in my mind. But why do Americans suddenly become so keen on Chinese-branded headphones?

It turns out that over the past 2 months, the famous American headset forum. Head-fi enthusiasts note that the Amazon from China's Mrice headphones, "inexpensive also tamper-resistant" experience quickly aroused the attention of other enthusiasts on the forum, so there have been a lot of mrice headphones evaluation and sharing and technical exchange. Finally caused by more than 10 years of fever with the experience of enthusiasts Androidvageta (AV), Robertmeta, mad_economist mrice small headphones have been evaluated and unanimously given a high praise (five-star evaluation), which led to a greater discussion of the trend. Head-fi enthusiasts have been surprised that China's mrice has a "triangular line of tamper-proof patents" and that "prices are not expensive".

Wired's report on the Rice headset

Perhaps the event came to an end, and Mrice still could not blow up the brand in the United States. But the national enthusiasm of the discussion but let the international authority U.S. wired technology can't restrain, June 5 8 o'clock in the morning, Wired home published about the rice capsule E300 summary of the report.
Http://'s evaluation of the Rice headset says the first hearing of the e300a music headset is no less than the high-end headphones used by Justin and Lady Gaga, for its affordable price. And the bigger value of using the rice capsules now is that people will think you're a veteran enthusiast who knows how to judge. Because the "Bell pie" in the headset forum has been filled, meaning not blindly respected brands and expensive prices, rational loyalty to the product itself headset enthusiasts.

In this way, the consensus of senior enthusiasts and wired reports completely set off the U.S. consumer buying spree.


The Bell E100 of rice

Then we review, Bertha 2012 launched the Bell and capsule headset, the listing name is bell tower Bell E100 and bell tower capsule E300, later attributed to the rice, so the market is also called the Rice Bell, rice capsules. I believe we are not strangers, bell tower headphones to "balance the way" and "winding Triangle line Design" is known, the appearance is also a unified pi, red headphone line is very eye-catching, and silicone sleeve and ear nose has black, white two colors, color with bright fashion, after the listing to gain the favor of the vast number of enthusiasts.

Feather Spring Custom version of rice capsules e300a

It is worth mentioning that capsule upgrade version of Rice capsules e300a also become the domestic music group Feather Spring 2014 "Dare Love" album exclusive Custom products. Buy rice Capsules e300a can also get the "Dare Love" digital album.

So will the wind of rice from the United States sweep through the country?

It is understood that after the sale of goods from the United States market, after the purchase of rice in the foreign platform can see the enthusiasm of enthusiasts still high, especially the U.S. Amazon's sales figures are high. And the grain of Rice cat flagship store in addition to capsule E300, the other has been off the shelves. Can the grain of rice bell and capsule small earphone also be able to scrape in the domestic brand wind? I will pay more attention to it.

Mrice Rice in the United States, but also caused by American headset enthusiasts on the Chinese design and industrial value of the discussion, this can not be separated from the emphasis on product design of the rice to the pursuit of products. After all, "winding knot" experience pain point even the international line of brands have not been effectively resolved, and the triangle of rice grain patent design has done. In any case, Mrice's Sheng has also really made a difference in the attitude of American enthusiasts towards Chinese design and Chinese headphones. This is worth affirming. Also hope that the domestic enthusiasts can support more of this out of the country's young brand. Interested users can view the evaluation articles from Zhongguancun below.

Hong Kong Rice Technology Co., Ltd. (Mrice) is a High-tech company in Hong Kong. Founded in 2011 in Hong Kong, the core business of electronic High-tech digital products, Mainland branch-Guangzhou Rice Digital Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful scenery of the digital technology industry base-Huadou. Its products haveIn-ear headphones, customers are welcome to come to buy!