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Talk about sports headphones
- 2017-11-24-

Sports HeadphonesWhat's different from the ordinary headphones? Below the small grain of rice to give you a detailed story.

Sports headphones are for sports when wearing headphones, but a different from the general headset can be stable fixed in the wearing parts of the headset, the headset will not because the body movement and the headphones fall from the ear, generally with a splash, light and other characteristics, good ventilation, belong to open headphones.


Sports headphones have their own special positioning, in addition to sound quality can not be too bad, more important shape design. Basically, sports headphones all need the following points:

1. Safety.

2. Comfort degree.

3, the basic waterproof ability.

4. Solid.

Security: Although many of us are listening to music with headphones, we have to admit that many scientific reports say that wearing headphones for a long time can have a certain impairment in hearing. And in the outdoor running time, in addition to the external noise to a certain degree of isolation, but also to avoid too good sound insulation ability, so as not to cause accidents. Therefore, general sports earplugs will not be inclined to make a full-ear, but with flat-head earplugs combined with the ear of the "half in the ear-type" mainly.

Comfort: It is critical to stay comfortable, after all, too cumbersome headphones are easy to become cumbersome, so sports headphones will generally be as lightweight as possible, and wear also ergonomic design.

Waterproof: In the summer, even at night sports, it is easy to sweat, and sweat can easily flow into the ear, for headphones this will affect the life expectancy. So the sports headset will do the basic measures to prevent perspiration waterproof.

Firm: If the wear is not strong enough, headphones easy to fall off, will only make the movement become an unpleasant process. Most of the sports headphones are in the ear-type design, to ensure that the headphones will not fall off in the intense movement.


Sports headphones are designed to focus on stability, the use of not easy to fall, and can prevent perspiration waterproof, breathable, and ordinary headphones than more suitable for outdoor sports or fitness to use the gym.


In the purchase process, the first to clear the use of headphones, is designed for the movement of the wear, or usually will be used, is the importance of sports wear comfort, or value quality. In the exercise of the use of headphones, in addition to the fixed, but also need to consider the sound quality, running whether in the outdoors or indoors, should pay attention to the sound insulation effect, if the noise is not good, not only music details will be covered, the ear will also have an impact.

Through the above mentioned, I believe that everyone sports headphones and the difference between ordinary headphones.

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