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What's the usual headset?
- 2017-11-24-

The usual meaning ofHeadset on headWhat is it like? Below the small grain of rice to give you a detailed say.

Headset, as the name implies is worn on the head, is not inserted in the ear canal, different from the ear-type ear plugs of a class of headphones. It is composed of two parts, a signal transmitter and a headset with a signal receiving and amplifying device (usually a moving ring type).

The transmitter is connected to the signal source, and the front or headphone amplifier can be plugged in before the transmitter to improve the sound quality and adjust the timbre.

Brief introduction


1: Good sound field, good comfort.

2: Do not ear, avoid abrasion ear canal

3: Can listen to ear-type earplugs more often


1: Some headphones bass effect is not very good

2: Inconvenient to carry

3: Power consumption


In-ear type of the biggest advantage is to save electricity, ordinary MP3 can be driven, and then can avoid environmental noise, after all listening to music at the same time the ears blocked. Headset Bass Bad main or pronunciation unit down the cost, and some head wearing style, stress strong, but need computer CD and other device drivers, MP3 drive also has no bass effect.

Health or recommended use of the head, in the ear-type effect on hearing, a wear time not more than half an hour.

I believe that through the above explanation,Headset on headDeeper understanding. If interested in this, rice welcome customers to come to the consultation and purchase!

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