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Headphones FAQ

1, mobile phone can not search the Bluetooth headset

Q. bluetooth headset is not turned on, to search the state; 

A. After the Bluetooth ear machine, long press multi-function key (that is, red or white light or red and blue lights alternately flashing), activate Bluetooth pairing;

Q. bluetooth headset program error;

A. Restore the Bluetooth headset to the factory setting;

Q. Mobile phone bluetooth program error;

A. After the mobile phone restart, the mobile phone in the Bluetooth storage of all the matching data removed;


After the Bluetooth headset enters the pairing mode, please make the pairing connection in two minutes, if the pair is not matched after 2 minutes, the headset will activate the power protection to enter the shutdown state.

2, headphones do not sound

Q. Mobile phone volume is not appropriate or the headset volume has been adjusted to the minimum;

A. In the mobile phone to adjust the volume or the volume of headphones to increase;

Q. bluetooth headset and mobile phone are not properly connected;

A. Refer to the procedure for using a Bluetooth headset to connect to a mobile phone;

Q. bluetooth headset is not within the effective working range;

A. Keep the headset in the mobile phone within 10 meters of the use, without any obstructions;


Do not perform any other actions when searching for Bluetooth to prevent program errors.For best results keep your phone around.

3, the charge red light is not bright

Q. Long time unused

A. It takes about 30 minutes to recharge the red light.


If headphones are not used and overcharge for a long time or if the Bluetooth headset is placed in a closed car for a prolonged period, it will reduce battery capacity and life expectancy.

Second, Speakers FAQ

Q: Can the computer connect the stereo?

A: Computer with Bluetooth can be directly connected, without Bluetooth need to buy their own Bluetooth adapter in the connection.

Q: Can you listen to the radio?

A: The stereo itself does not have the radio function, the handset or the computer itself has the radio function, the connection Bluetooth then can play.

Q: What format music is supported?

A: Supports amr/map/wav/wma/format music.

Q: Can bluetooth connect multiple people to operate at the same time?

A: No, you can't.

Q: Can I insert a U disk?

A: Do not support u disk, only support the phone memory card.

Q: Why is there a murmur when listening to music?

A: Most of the music has a murmur because of the quality of the song itself, it is recommended to download HQ high-quality music audio-visual.

Three, headphones cooker machine

The headset is mainly a rapid running-in process for the mechanical system of headphones, moving ring headphones sound system is driven by the voice coil drive vibration film, and the diaphragm is fixed in the headset, theoretically, the film motion should be a piston (vertical) movement, which requires the edge of the diaphragm has a greater shun, the pot is the pot here, New headphones The edge of the film is relatively tight, flexible and small, pot headphones is to allow the edge of the headset to open, sound less tightness.

The pot machine method is as follows:

1, with a soft some of the music (recommended white noise, red noise), in the lower volume of the headset to ease the first 10-30 hours, four hours for a group, pause for 10 minutes or so pot.

2, with ordinary music (except rock, dance) in the medium volume state of 100-200 hours, four hours for a group, pause for 10 minutes or so pot.

3, need to pay attention to IS, also can not be a long time continuous pot, pot machine is fastidious is "gradually near".

4, in fact, as usual when listening to music on the line. Although it will be slower, but the sound quality will gradually become better.


-Different headphone pot machine time is indefinite, the standard time is 100-200 hours, until oneself listens the satisfaction to be possible.

-Please note that the headset rests and protects the parts.

-Adjust the volume, or the film will not hurt.

-High quality music cooker is recommended.

-Sincerely recommend the use of high-quality/lossless quality format, better results!

Four, speaker pot machine

Enthusiasts pot machine is no one to use red and white noise, so that the stereo can not be a great harm to the stereo, cooker machine needs to be divided into three processes, 3-6 days. Take three days for example.

The first day: with a relatively soft pure music with a small volume of a day, mainly to the speaker of the voice coil to running-in.

The next day: Use the high frequency and the voice of the music (do not use the DJ) in the volume of a day. The main speaker of the three frequency bands for the balance of running-in.

Day three: The loud DJ music is used in high volume for a day, for the smoothness of the horn side of the pot.

Joys four days.