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After-Sales policy

I. Warranty TERMS

1, in the purchase of rice (Mrice) products from the date of 7th, the host performance failure, consumers can be free to bring no reason to return goods services. Since the date of sale from 8th to one year, such as the host and wire has not man-made damage performance failure, consumers can enjoy free warranty service. The warranty period is calculated from the date of receipt of the order confirmation, and the last day of the expiry date is the last day of the holiday.

2, consumers through the offline purchase must provide valid vouchers, such as: invoices, receipts, shopping tickets, etc., confirmed in the warranty period.

3, the consumer through the online purchase must provide the corresponding platform of the order number or transaction record screen, confirmed in the warranty period.

4, one year warranty service does not include product packaging and other projects.

5, Beyond one year warranty service or man-made factors caused by wire damage or functional barriers, mrice provide free maintenance, the production of supplies and freight costs are not assumed.

II. warranty restriction clause

If the following conditions, will lose the warranty eligibility, but rice (mrice) can provide paid maintenance services, will be charged according to the relevant parts, labor costs and logistics costs:

1, without Rice (mrice) license and authorization, unauthorized demolition and maintenance.

2, leaching, broken or due to improper use of the shell caused by the damage, deformation and other man-made damage, the headset line broken, crushed and other man-made damage, headphone unit overload use, debris or impact caused by the deformation of the film and other man-made damage.

3, Beyond the warranty period (including the normal maintenance period, pay for the purchase of the extended period, the maintenance of the payment outside the dimensional warranty).

4. The machine serial number (including but not limited to Sn/mac address) is torn or ambiguous and cannot provide the purchase date voucher.

5, purchase certificate and product model discrepancy or purchase certificate was altered.

6, the use of incorrect connectors (such as not indicated in the specification of the interface devices, such as audio lines, data lines, chargers, etc.).

7, due to force majeure (such as fire, earthquakes, lightning, floods, etc.) caused by damage.

8, the legal provisions of other non-warranty situation.



This clause may be adjusted for different customer groups. Hong Kong Rice Technology Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Rice Digital Technology Co., Ltd. to the maximum extent permitted by law to have the right of final interpretation.

Customer Service Tel: 020-89817686 (Weekday 9:00-18:00) (not this time period may not be able to reply to your question in a timely manner, please understand)