Chocolate power supply

P100 Chocolate Chocolate Mobile power supply
Five colors: Red/blue/silver/brown/Black

Product Details

P100 ChocolateChocolate Mobile power supply

Optional: Black/red/silver/coffee/Blue

If Design Awards 2013 award winning works

The only modular mobile power supply in the world

Exquisite workmanship

Using Metal Scrub technology

After special surface treatment of metal shell to ensure strong, durable, while improving the heat dissipation. The use of polymer batteries, each battery with a separate circuit protection board, improve security. Abrasive processing of the surface combined with highlighted metal frame to form a strong visual contrast, not only a mobile power, but also a beautiful art.

Multiple protection is safer

Original electric core capacity is real

Super high conversion rate75% conversion rate

Professional standards

A "chocolate", a good mood every day! According to the mobile phone needs of flexible combination of electricity, modular design, Super Magnet automatic adsorption, technology and life of the essence of the United States. Mobile power is composed of 3 pieces, each 1000 ma, a total of 3,000 ma, conversion rate is 75%, the actual mobile phone can be charged 2200 MA.

In order to ensure the real capacity of the mobile power supply and service life, rice chocolate large-capacity batteries by the original order customized direct supply, independent packaging, to ensure that the high quality of the core, capacity group, long life.

LED Power indicator

Easy to use generous beautiful

High Strength Magnet

Daughter-in-law quickly and securely connected

Standard USB Interface

Fast Connection Digital Equipment

Rice Chocolate Mobile power supplyDetailed parameters


Main parameters

·           Product Type: Modular Mobile power supply

·           Battery type: Polymer cobalt acid aluminum ion battery

·           Battery Capacity: 3000mAh

·           Product Voltage: Input: DC 5v-1a
Output: DC 5v-1a


Other parameters

·           Input interface: Micro USB

·           Output interface: USB

·           LED: 3 Battery LEDs

·           Applicable products: Mobile phone, bluetooth headset

Appearance parameters

·           Product color: Silver, blue, chocolate, red

·           Product size: 64.5 x 17mm

Mobile Power Accessories

·           Packing list:

·           Chocolate Body x1

 Battery stack block x2
Manual x1

·           Warranty Card x1
Micro USB Cable X1