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Privacy Policy


1. Collection and use of information

(1) In order to create accounts, to identify users, respond to queries and mails, and other ways to provide services, improve the performance and appearance of software, recommend new features/new products, and so on, rice technology will require you to provide personal information (including but not limited to your name, telephone number, e-mail address, etc.), Other information related to you (including but not limited to device information, log information, location information, and other similar feature records) is collected.

(2) The User Experience Improvement Plan of rice technology is based on the statistics of using data to diagnose system problems and optimize the product experience. We will use statistical tools such as Baidu statistics you in the use of rice technology products (including Web sites, mobile applications, headset settings and other settings, etc.) the process of data generated. In our User Experience Improvement Program, we will only accumulate total user data and will not include or upload any content that relates to your personally identifiable information. The foregoing statistical content includes but is not limited to: Application startup number, page access number, Key button clicks, set item configuration properties, etc. With the subsequent version of the Rice technology products upgrade, our statistical scope will be changed, you download/install/Use the next version of the Rice technology products will be considered as your consent to the relevant changes.

(3) Rice technology may combine the information you submit through your own account with other services or third party information, in order to provide you with a better experience and improve the quality of rice technology service.

(4) The products and services of rice technology may contain links or information of third party products and/or services. If you fill out your personal information on another platform or submit/publish through a Third-party program, you may be informed of your information. The third party application may have its corresponding privacy policy, please review it carefully and consider it carefully before providing personal information. This privacy policy does not apply to the third direction of your information collection behavior, rice technology can not control the behavior of third parties, and therefore will not be on third partyThe line that collects, uses your informationForTake responsibility.

(5) Rice technology will strictly abide by the relevant laws and regulations and this privacy policy contained in the contents of the collection, use of your information. Unless you hold an official authorization document from the rice technology, the specific staff of the technology will not ask you for personal information directly. In case of this kind of situation, you can directly with the rice technology contact.

2. Disclosure of information

(1) Unless the laws and regulations, the requirements of the Government or this privacy policy set out in the exception, Rice technology will properly save your information, not to disclose.

(2) You authorize this, in the following circumstances, the rice technology can be disclosed to a third party of your information without further access to your consent:

(a) If the technology discloses this information is used to identify, contact, or bring to court any action that may cause damage to the rights or property of the technology of the grain, the website user or any other person (including the rights and property of any other person);

(b) Rice technology will provide personal information to the relevant parties of rice technology or other cooperative enterprises or individuals so that they can represent/assist in the processing of this information by the Rice technology. Rice technology requires that these parties agree to deal with such information in accordance with the provisions of the Rice technology, this privacy policy and relevant laws and regulations.

3. Information security

(1) Rice technology will make reasonable efforts to protect your information security, but you should be aware that rice technology can not completely avoid the safety of personal information related to the risks (especially when the rice technology can not control the situation, such as force majeure or third party reasons), therefore, Rice Technology no assurance or commitment of certainty can be made in the maintenance or confidentiality of the privacy information. If the technology of rice is aware that the data it has acquired and stored is compromised or that the non-public information of the user is disclosed to an unrelated third party due to external actions, including but not limited to external security attacks, although there are other exemptions in this policy, the rice technology will continue to take such reasonable measures as it deems appropriate (including but not limited to internal investigations, Reporting and informing law enforcement agencies and working with law enforcement agencies. At the same time, the rice technology will, if it deems it appropriate, take lawful and reasonable measures to inform the relevant users of the information disclosed and the extent to which the information is known to the rice technology.

(2) You should pay attention to protect your personal information security. For example, do not disclose your personal password, etc.

(3) Rice technology will take the necessary measures to prevent internal staff from exceeding the authority to obtain/use/divulge your information.

4. Collection and use of information on minors

(1) Rice technology requires minors to use the products or services of rice technology under the permission and guidance of their legal guardians.

(2) If you are a minor, you need to ensure that you have obtained the consent of your legal guardian before providing your personal information.

5. Amendments to this Privacy policy

Although this privacy statement describes the standards that Rice technology is complying with in protecting privacy, these standards may change. If updated, the rice technology will inform you of the change and effective date in the way the rice technology deems it appropriate to release the revised version.